James I 1603 Six Pence Replica Coin


Product Description

King James VI of Scotland (1567-1625) and King James I of England (1603-1625). James was the first Stuart King of England, the son of Mary Queen of Scots. The coat of arms were altered on the coinage to show the Scottish rampant lion and the Irish harp now appearing in the second and third quarters.

The penny was struck in silver with the Thistle mint mark and is the first bust of the first coinage. The words inscribed on the face of this coin are IACOBVS D G ANG SCO FRA ET HOB REX meaning "James King of Scotland France and Ireland". On the reverse are the words "EXVRGAT DEUS DISSIPENTUR INIMICI meaning "Let God arise and his enemies be scattered".

This coin has been cast in lead-free pewter and antique finished. 

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