Charles II Three Pence 1660-1685 Replica Coin


Product Description

Charles II was born in 1630. After the execution of his father Charles I in 1649, he was crowned at Scone by the Scots and in 1651 invaded England to be defeated by Oliver Cromwell at Worcester. He returned from exile and was restored to the throne in 1660 until his death in 1685. The great plague of London occurred in 1665.

Charles fathered a large progeny by his many mistresses. The threepence was struck in silver with the Crown mint mark with inner circles and the III mark of value. The words inscribed on the face of this coin are CAROLVS IID G MAG BRIF ET H REX meaning "Charles II by the grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland" and on the reverse CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO which translates as "I reign under the auspices of Christ".

This coin has been cast in lead-free pewter and antique finished.