Jesus and Coins of His Times Historical Replica Set in 5" x 7" Frame


Product Description

Greek and Roman coins were used in the Holy Land for 400 years before the birth of Jesus. During His life, Jesus was familiar with the coins of Judea, Samaria, Galilee, and Transjordan. Indeed, Jesus used coins in His teaching through parables.

Jesus was familiar with the following 5 coins:

* Copper Lepton Widows Mite - Greek coin of Alexander Jannaeus (78 B.C.) smallest bronze coin
* Copper Prutah - Pontius Pilate (26-36 A.D.) under Tiberius Roman Period (6 B.C.-70 A.D.)
* Bronze Quadrans of Antioch King James farthing Quirinius Roman Governor of Syria 5-9 A.D.
* Silver Denarius Tribute Penny - Roman Emperor Tiberius (14-27 B.C.) main Roman silver coin in Holy Land
* Silver Shekel and Half Shekel - (126 B.C.- 19 B.C.)

* Our Frames come with Easel to display on your Desktop or Shelf, or they can be Hung on your Wall.
* Coins are attached via removable glue dots and protected by a clear glass cover.
* Comes in an 5" x 7" display frame
* Select from Your Choice of 5 Different Frames
* All coins are double-sided
* All coin reproductions are made of lead free pewter and have "COPY" stuck on the reverse in accordance with the Hobby Protection Act.

* Made in the USA