Dale Earnhardt Sr. Stars Printers Proof 23K Gold Sculptured Card


Product Description

DALE EARNHARDT "Silver Hologram Stars" Genuine 23 Karat Gold Card PRINTERS PROOF

***RARE-FIND*** Limited & Numbered of 2,000 Printers proofs are the actual printers test before manufacturing of the normal run. The printers proofs are numbered so they don't get out to the public when in the hands of the printers. Most are destroyed, but some are saved and manage to get out. Only a limited number of Proofs make it out and even few make it out in Mint++ condition.

The printers proofs consist of the actual card before it gets die-cut and folded. The back and front of the card are on the same side of the printers proof and the back is blank. Entire Size of PP = 8.5" x 8.5".
YEAR: 1999
COMPANY: Bleachers

Original TV Price: $99.95!