Alexander The Great In India One (1) Large Historically Accurate Replica Coin in 5" x 7" Frame


Product Description

To commemorate his Indian victory, Alexander produced a large silver deckadrachm.

Obverse: On the right side, Alexander on horseback thrusting a spear at a mahout (elephant driver) and his master seated on an Indian elephant. The mahout and master look back towards Alexander, the master grasps the end of Alexander's spear with his right hand, the mahout brandishes a spear in his right hand above his head while holding two further spears in his left hands.
Reverse: Alexander standing to left, wearing military attire and sword holding a thunderbolt in his right hand and a spear in his left, Nike flies above to right to crown him. (Sear 6216) Only 14 of these large coins survive. Examples are in museums and private collections.

* Our Frames come with Easel to display on your Desktop or Shelf, or they can be Hung on your Wall.
* Coins are attached via removable glue dots and protected by a clear glass cover.
* Comes in a 5" x 7" display frame
* Select from Your Choice of 5 Different Frames
* All replica coins are double-sided and made of lead-free pewter
* Coins are marked "copy" on one side to conform to the Hobby Protection Act

* Made in the USA