1976 Bicentennial Ruthenium Plated & Colorized JFK Half / IKE Dollar / Quarter 3 Coin Set with Box


Product Description

1976 Bicentennial U.S. Coin Set

JFK Half Dollar / IKE Dollar / Quarter Dollar *


Genuine U.S. 3-Coin Collection with Display Box

The BICENTENNIAL COIN COLLECTION is a Colorized 3-coin set which includes: 1976 Kennedy Half Dollar, 1976 Eisenhower Dollar, and 1976 Quarter Dollar. These Bicentennial coins feature a 1776-1976 dual date on the obverse. The reverse of these coins have been beautifully colorized using a unique painstaking multicolor authentic process by the Merrick Mint.

The coins are coated with Black Ruthenium, which is a type of platinum metal that looks like a dark platinum, but is 100 times Rarer. Ruthenium is a chemical element with the symbol RU & Atomic # 44. It is a rare transition metal belonging to the platinum group of the periodic table.