Washington Crossing the Delaware Historic 2021 Quarter Design Genuine $1 Bill


Product Description

WASHINGTON – In 1776, General George Washington, along with 2,400 troops and artillery, began his historic crossing of the Delaware River in preparation for a surprise attack on British and Hessian soldiers during the American Revolutionary War. The United States Mint is unveiling a new designed U.S. Quarter depicting this pivotal moment in history.  In commemoration of this Historic new coin release, the Merrick Mint has magnificently color enhanced an uncirculated Genuine Authentic Legal Tender One-Dollar Bill ($1) with images of General George Washington Crossing the Delaware and the Historic new Quarter-Dollar design. 

Each $1 Bill is in FRESH, CRISP, UNCIRCULATED condition, and was directly removed from untouched wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs.

• Genuine U.S. Legal Tender $1 Bill
• High-Definition Colorization Process
• Full-Color Certificate of Authenticity is Included with Each Bill
• Each Bill is Handsomely Showcased in Blue 2-Sided Display Folio
• Each Bill is in Fresh, Crisp, Uncirculated Condition
• Collector’s Edition