Sea Gods of Greece & Rome 5 Coin Set of Historical Replicas in 5" x 7" Frame


Product Description

Historical Replica Coin Set

* Coin #1: Itanos Silver Stater. Crete established the first maritime oriented civilization in 2,000 BCE Ancient Greek coins of Crete reflect this heritage. Itanos, the city state located on Crete's northeast coast, issued a silver stater showing Triton - 320-370 BCE
* Coin #2: Antigonos Doson Silver Tetradrachm. This coin cerebrates a Macedonian naval victory over the Ptolemaic fleet off the island of Andros. 229-221 BCE.
* Coin #3: Brass Sestertius of Emperor Nero. Improvements to harbor facilities at Ostia, Rome's port at the mouth of the Tiber River, were begun under Claudius and completed by Nero in 63 CE.
* Coin #4: Oceanen Brass Medallion. This extremely rare medallion depicts an expedition to Britain undertaken by Constans in the winter of 342-343 CE. to repress the incursions of the Picts, who were desolating the Roman province.
* Coin #5: Demetrios Poliorketes Tetradrachm. In 306 BCE Demetrios of Macedonia met the fleet of Ptolomy I at Salmis, off the coast of Cyprus.

* Our Frames come with Easel to display on your Desktop or Shelf, or they can be Hung on your Wall.
* Coins are attached via removable glue dots and protected by a clear glass cover.
* Comes in a 5" x 7" display frame
* Select from Your Choice of 5 Different Frames
* All replica coins are double-sided and made of lead-free pewter
* Coins are marked "copy" on one side to conform to the Hobby Protection Act

* Made in the USA