Marilyn Monroe Department Of Defense Novelty 1954 ID Card and 4"x 6" Postcard


Product Description

Marilyn Monroe Department Of Defense ID Novelty 1954 Card Korean War and Postcard!

Entertaining the Troops in Korea 1954

* 3 1/2"X 2 1/4" ID Card Laminated

* 4" X 6" Glossy Post Card Photo of Marilyn

At this time she was married to Joe DiMaggio, the baseball great.  Marilyn turned out to be more than another conquest for Joe. She would become the woman he loved more than any other.  On January 14, 1954, the two were married in a small civil ceremony out of the spotlight, a rarity for both of them.  But the marriage only lasted 9 months.

* Note: This is a Novelty item and is a Rreplica, and is NOT an original ID Card.