ELON MUSK World's Richest Man Pop Art Colorized $2 U.S Bill by Rency


Product Description

Look closely at this beauty you will see all the famous company logos owned or started by Elon Musk which include PayPal, SpaceX, Boring Company, Twitter, SolarCity and Neuralink. Entrepreneur Elon Musk has achieved global fame and is the Richest Person in the World.  His inventions changed the world!


TITLE: Elon Musk - "If He Builds It, They Will Come"

YEAR: 2022

MEDIUM: Fine Art Giclee on Genuine $2 U.S. Bill

DIMENSIONS: 6" Length x 2.5" Height

EDITION: Hand-Signed by the artist Rency

  • Giclee on Genuine $2 Bill by Rency
  • Blazing colors of graffiti pop art decorate this genuine $2 bill
  • Brings the subversive edge of graffiti and pop art to officially sanctioned currency
  • Personally Hand-signed by artist...Rency
  • Follows in the footsteps of other famed street artists by remaining anonymous
  • Includes clear display holder (6”x3”)

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