Biblical Era Bronze Widow's Mite-Sized Coin


Product Description

Struck from 50 BCE - 400 AD and Mentioned in the Bible! Available in Circulated Condition - who knows who handled these coins!

These bronze prutah of Alexander Jannaeus feature an anchor, "King Alexander" in Greek on the obverse, while the reverse shows an eight pointed star surrounded by a diadem and sometimes Hebrew lettering. Because these coins were struck in large quantities and circulated for so long, they become the top candidate for the Widow's Mite of Mark 12:41-44.

Jesus was impressed when the old widow gave 2 of these small coins. Others scoffed at her meager donation, but Jesus berated them saying "she gave ALL she had".

These coins were crudely made and typically will show 60-80% of their intended detail. Early Judaean bronzes are generally not collected for their aesthetic appeal but for their historical and religious significance.