American CIVIL WAR - Battle of Shiloh - Genuine Legal Colorized $2 Bill


Product Description



April 6-7, 1862


The Battle of Shiloh, also known as the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, took place in Hardin County, Tennessee from April 6-7, 1862. After initial successes, the Confederate Army was unable to hold its position and was forced back, resulting in a crucial Union victory. Both sides suffered heavy losses with more than 23,000 total casualties, the greatest of any war on the American continent up to that date.

The colorized images are accomplished through a revolutionary new authentic & genuine colorization process pioneered by The Merrick Mint. Included is a blue display portfolio plus a Certificate of Authenticity to guaranty that your bills are authentic and recognized by every monetary authority around the world, and assuring its Collector Edition status.

Only genuine Legal Tender $2 United States Bills are used for this unique colorization process. Each $2 Bill is in FRESH, CRISP, UNCIRCULATED condition, and was directly removed from untouched wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs. Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is featured on the obverse of the note, along with the special colorization overlay. The Signing of the Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull is featured on the reverse. It is the only U.S. Currency note that features two Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, and it is one of the most rarely seen BILLS in circulation and actual use.