1869 George Washington Rainbow One-Dollar Banknote Hybrid New Modern $1 Bill


Product Description

In 1869 the $1 Unites States Note was redesigned with a portrait of George Washington in the center and a vignette of Christopher Columbus sighting land to the left. Although this note is technically a United States Note, the words "Treasury Note" appeared on it instead of United States Note.

The first o$1 bill was issued as a Legal Tender Note back in the year 1862 which featured the portrait of Salmon P. Chase, who was the Secretary of the Treasury under President Abraham Lincoln.  Only until the year 1869, was the portrait of George Washington used on the $1 bill, and this remains the case until today.

First time ever that Christopher Columbus was featured on U.S. currency, with a famous vignette of him making sight of land.

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