The Peanuts Gang Then & Now Commemorative Colorized $2 Bill


Product Description

This Two-Dollar Bill depicts the original images of the first 4 characters from the original 1950 Comic Strip and how they appear today.

The Certificate of Authenticity features the first Peanuts Comic Strip to ever appear, along with the 1st Comic Strip that introduced Snoopy's appearance.

This PEANUTS uncirculated $2 Bill is Genuine Authentic Legal Tender of the United States, which has been enhanced with beautiful colorized images. Included is a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee that your bills are authentic and recognized by every monetary authority around the world, and assuring its Collector Edition status.

Only genuine Legal Tender $2 United States Bills are used for this unique colorization process. Each $2 Bill is in FRESH, CRISP, UNCIRCULATED condition, and was directly removed from untouched wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs.