Special Forces Defenders of Freedom Air Force Commemorative Colorized $2 Bill


Product Description

Special Operations Forces have always held a certain mystique. Often working in the shadows, the exploits of these specially selected troops have sometimes attained near mythological status. In the United States, a number of the most elite SOF units trace their origins back to the 1980s when they were formed or revamped to deal with the growing threat of terrorism. Many Elite force units exist today within the United States Army, with some of the most elite being the Army Green Berets, Army Night Stalkers, Army Rangers, and Special Forces Delta. Discover real American superheroes with a rare currency collection that honors our United States Military with brilliant color art from the Merrick Mint upon real U.S. $2 bills.

$2 bills are rarely-circulated collector favorites, which is why The Merrick Mint is so pleased to present the Official U.S. $2 Special Forces Military Bill Collection. . Each Two-Dollar Banknote features a portrait of President Thomas Jefferson and showcases each branch of the U.S. Military Special Forces. The reverse of each U.S. $2 bill features its historic portrait of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. To protect your national treasures for future generations, each crisp, Uncirculated issue is preserved within a crystal-clear holder.