Space Force USSF USA Flag Hologram Galaxy Gold Rookie Card S/N 2019 Gem-Mint 10


Product Description

The U.S. Space Force (USSF) is the newest branch of the Armed Forces, established December 20, 2019 and Space Force service members are known as Guardians. To commemorate this Historical achievement in U.S. History, the release of a Special Ultra High-Premium 2D Embossed Gold Card has been introduced for the first time ever to the public.

Each card is created using a detailed embossed 2D image of the Official Space Force Logo in American Flag Hologram on Front and Gold on Back. The front also features a unique Galaxy backdrop with 2D Earth and Satellite imagery, along with words “Guardians” and “United States Space Force”. The back features the history of the Space Force symbol, along with your own Limited Edition Individual Serial Number of only 2,019 (The Year the Space Force was Established). The card has the look and feel of Outer Space! Don’t miss your chance to get a piece of Space Force history with this Premier Edition Gold Card. Each card is graded and sealed in Gem-Mint condition for light years of preservation. The American Flag Hologram used on this card is extremely unique and due to the process no two cards are alike, as the Flag Hologram pattern changes on each card, making each and every card in the limited edition truly unique.

• YEAR: 2020
• COMPANY: Merrick Mint
• GRADE: Gem-Mint 10
• SERIAL NUMBERED: Limited # of 2,019