Russian "Wire" Money from the 1600's


Product Description

Russian Silver Kopek Wire Money from Czar Mikhail Fedorovich ca. 1613-1645

Features Horseman With A Spear - Very Fine Condition! Rather than preparing blanks one at a time, the Moscow mint found that these small coins could be made by striking heated silver wire with the dies, then cutting the individual coin out. The result was a somewhat crude but efficiently made coin!

Following the death of Ivan the Terrible, Russia went into a period of nearly 20 years of chaos and civil war. In an effort to bring change, in 1613 The Council of All Russia choose the 16 year old Mikhail Fedorovich as Czar. Though many expected him to fail, the young Mikhail slowly established his control over Russia and wisely avoided involvement in the wars of Europe. By the time of his death in 1645 Fedorovich had established the powerful Romanov dynasty, which was to last for 300 years, until the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Coin size: Small coin, approximately the same as a US dime