Rency Art Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Made with Diamond Dust Crystal Paint Numbered Limited Edition of 7 Signed by Rency - Serial Number #3 of 7


Product Description

TITLE: Star Wars - * May The Force Be With You *
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: Fine Art Giclee on Genuine $2 U.S. Bill
DIMENSIONS: 6" Length x 2.5" Height

EDITION: Limited Edition Hand-Signed & Numbered of only 7. Giclee on Genuine $2 Bill by Rency. Rency captures Star Wars in classic images. Blazing colors of graffiti pop art decorated this genuine $2 bill. Brings the subversive edge of graffiti and pop art to officially sanctioned currency. Personally Hand-signed by artist...Rency. Follows in the footsteps of other famed street artists by remaining anonymous. The artist Rency has inscribed the words "Obey The Force" on the reverse side of bill. Signed and numbered of 7 by the artist, this bill is beautifully made with a Diamond Dust crystal paint. This bill sparkles and shines like no other making it a truly unique piece. Another beauty from RENCY. A unique possession to be treasured forever.

The Giclee $2 Bill is in perfect condition and comes in a Lucite acrylic display holder (7"x3.5")

Serial Number #3 - SOLD

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