PELE Soccer Bicycle Kick The King $2 Bill Art HAND-SIGNED by Artist RENCY


Product Description

Renowned as one of the greatest players of all time, Pelé stands as one of the most successful and beloved sports figures of the 20th century.

Among all the awesome goals you can score in soccer, none beats the bicycle kick. This overhead acrobatic maneuver transcends the confines of the game itself, showcasing a feat so undeniably insane and incredible. Perhaps none is more famous than Pelé's iconic shot, captured during a 1965 friendly match between Brazil and Belgium. Witness Pelé seemingly defying gravity as he levitates upside-down, with the ball rocketing off his leg stretched out at a perfect 90-degree angle.


TITLE: The King Pele - "The Beautiful Game" 

YEAR: 2024

MEDIUM: Fine Art Giclee on Genuine $2 U.S. Bill

DIMENSIONS: 6" Length x 2.5" Height 

EDITION: Hand-Signed by the artist Rency


  • Giclee on Genuine $2 Bill by Rency
  • Blazing colors of graffiti pop art decorate this genuine $2 bill
  • Brings the subversive edge of graffiti and pop art to officially sanctioned currency
  • Personally Hand-signed by artist...Rency
  • Follows in the footsteps of other famed street artists by remaining anonymous
  • Includes clear display holder (6”x3”)

Another beauty from RENCY. The colors are vibrant. The Giclee $2 Bill is in perfect condition and comes in a clear display holder (6"x3").