NEW YORK YANKEES Officially Licensed 24K Gold NY Quarter 9 Coin Set in Case


Product Description


* Officially Licensed *

2023 Officially Licensed 24K Gold Plated New York Statehood Quarters

U.S 9 Coin Complete Set with Premium Deluxe Display BOX

(Judge, Volpe, Stanton, Cole, Torres, Rizzo)

Introducing the NEW YORK YANKEES 2023 Officially Licensed New York Statehood Quarters U.S 9-Coin Complete Set with Premium Deluxe Display Box! If you're a true fan of the New York Yankees, this is your chance to own a stunning collection of colorized and 24K gold-plated New York Statehood Quarters featuring your favorite players: Judge, Volpe, Stanton, Cole, Torres, and Rizzo.

These coins are not just ordinary quarters – they are genuine U.S. New York Statehood Quarters that have undergone a meticulous colorization process and have been plated with 24K gold. The combination of vibrant colors and the rich gleam of gold adds a touch of luxury and elegance to these quarters, making them a standout addition to any collection.

Each coin in this 9-coin set comes beautifully encapsulated in a premium coin capsule, ensuring its protection and preservation for years to come. And to showcase your collection in style, we have included a deluxe black felt coin display metal gift box. This elegant display box adds a touch of sophistication to your collection and serves as a conversation starter among fellow Yankees fans.

Rest assured that your coins are not only authentic, but also officially recognized by every monetary authority worldwide. Each set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing the legitimacy and collector edition status of your coins.

Here are the key features of this remarkable 9-coin complete collection:

  • Genuine U.S. New York Statehood Quarters: These are authentic quarters representing the great state of New York, now enhanced with stunning colorization and 24K gold plating.
  • High-Definition Colorization Process: Our revolutionary technique ensures that the colorization is of the highest quality, with an exceptional level of detail and vibrant colors that truly bring the coins to life.
  • 24K Gold Plating: The quarters have been meticulously plated with 24K gold, adding a touch of opulence and making them true collector's items.
  • Full-Color Certificate of Authenticity: Each set includes a certificate to authenticate the coins and provide you with peace of mind.
  • Acrylic Coin Capsules: Each coin is securely housed in a transparent acrylic capsule, allowing you to admire its beauty from all angles while keeping it safe.
  • Deluxe Felt Coin Display Metal Box: This premium box not only protects your coins but also showcases them elegantly, making it the perfect centerpiece for your Yankees collection.
  • Commemorative Edition: This 9-coin set serves as a tribute to the iconic New York Yankees, capturing the spirit of the team and its beloved players.
  • Officially Licensed: Our product is officially licensed, guaranteeing its authenticity and ensuring that it meets the highest standards.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a truly remarkable piece of Yankees memorabilia. Order your NEW YORK YANKEES 2023 Officially Licensed New York Statehood Quarters U.S 9-Coin Complete Set today and show off your team pride in style with these exquisite, gold-plated coins!


   • 9 Coin Complete Collection
   • Genuine U.S. Legal Tender Statehood Quarters
   • Each Coin is Lavished in Precious Genuine 24 Karat Gold
   • High-Definition Colorization Process
   • Highest Quality Colorization in the World, Accomplished Through a Revolutionary Technique
   • Full-Color Certificate of Authenticity is Included with Each Set
   • Each Coin is Handsomely Showcased in an Acrylic Coin Capsule
   • Deluxe Felt Coin Display Metal Box Included with Each Set
   • Commemorative Edition
   • Officially Licensed!

Please note that these coins are GENUINE & AUTHENTIC U.S. Quarters struck with a GENUINE & AUTHENTIC Colorization Process.