MOUNT HOOD NATIONAL PARK Oregon Genuine Legal Tender $2 Bill


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Genuine Legal Tender Two-Dollar U.S. Currency

Few ideas have ever united all Americans as our devotion to our National Parks. Once, their pristine beauty and rare splendor seemed destined to become just a memory. Yet, thanks to forward-thinking leaders like President Theodore Roosevelt, our nation's irreplaceable wild heritage was protected, and the National Park Service was established in 1916.

Today, these national treasures range from sea to shining sea, and across America's 50 states and territories. Now you can share in their glory with The U.S. National Parks $2 Bill Currency Collection, only from The Merrick Mint.
Even ordinary $2 bills are rarely seen. In fact, they make up fewer than 1% of all currency in the United States today. These legal tender National Park Bills are even more scarce still.

Each crisp, uncirculated and mint condition $2 bill in this collection features full-color imagery of a different American National Park. The front side of each bill features a stunning full-view design by The Merrick Mint with vivid color of America's unforgettable National Parks, which is truly a work of art. Each bill's back side bears the traditional depiction of the presentation of the Declaration of Independence.

Plus, each currency collectible comes in a beautiful Display holder to protect the beauty and value of your heirloom collection for generations to come. In addition, each bill comes with a custom State/Park Certificate of Authenticity, depicting all objects relating to each National Park and State.


* Celebrate the glorious wonders of America's National Parks with your U.S. National Parks $2 Bill Currency Banknote, only from The Merrick Mint

* Each of the genuine, U.S. legal tender two-dollar bills in this collection is privately enhanced with vivid color artwork honoring one of America's National Parks

* Each bill's front side features the full view of the National Parks imagery, while the back side features the famous depiction of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

* Each bill arrives in crisp, uncirculated condition and is permanently preserved within a beautiful display holder with a custom Certificate of Authenticity for each Park/State