Larry Bird 1997 Bleachers 23K Gold Card Boston Celtics #33 - Graded Gem Mint 10


Product Description

This Gold Card version was made by Bleachers and was limited and numbered. This is an Original Gold Card.

PLAYER: Larry Bird

YEAR: 1997

COMPANY: Bleachers

GRADE: Gem-Mint 10


LIMITED EDITION: Each Card Individually Serial Numbered
ORIGINAL RETAIL PRICE: $29.95 (ungraded)
About Gold CardsA skilled artisan hand inscribes a detailed portrait of the superstar in raised relief on a steel die. This die is then used to strike thin sheets of paper-backed 23kt gold foil. The result is a dramatic, detailed three-dimensional image in high relief on a mirror-smooth surface of gleaming gold. Most genuine 23kt gold card are individually machine serial numbered of the limited edition.