King Tut and Cleopatra Egyptian 2 Coin Set


Product Description

Includes the Egyptian 1 Pound Coin and the 50 Piastras Queen Cleopatra Coin.

The Bi-metallic 1 Pound coin depicts King Tut's gold death mask. This was discovered with his tomb way back in 1922. Cleopatra VII became the last Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt in 51 B.C. and Tutankhamen reigned about 1330 B.C. during the 18th dynasty.

She is best known for her relationship with Marc Antony and she claimed that her son, Ptolemy Caesarion, was fathered by Julius Caesar. Cleopatra committed suicide when her defeat by Roman Emperor Octavian became inevitable.

This gold-toned 50 Piastres coin captures her stunning profile.