HAWAII Overprint WWII Emergency Pearl Harbor Tribute on $2 Bill


Product Description

$2 Overprint WWII Emergency Pearl Harbor Banknote


A Hawaii overprint note was a series of notes issued during World War II as an emergency issue after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The intent of the overprints was to easily distinguish U.S. currency captured by Japanese forces in the event of an invasion of Hawaii and render the bills useless.

With this issue, military officials made the use of non-overprinted notes redundant and ordered all Hawaii residents to turn in unstamped notes for Hawaii-stamped notes. At that time, no other paper currency could be used except under special permission.

The artists of the Merrick Mint have used advance technology over this modern uncirculated United States standard $2 Bill, enhancing it with images from the original Hawaii Overprint Series bank note, to create this collectible work of art.