Gold Hologram Stars $1 & $2 Bill Set - FC Mint


Product Description

Holograms are the hottest enhancements to America's coins, from State Quarters to Silver Eagles - and now, to America's $1 & $2 bank notes. The result is stunning beauty.

The bank notes are genuine, legal tender issue that is printed and issued by the United States Government. Each is then privately enhanced with amazing golden hologram that bring the classic design to life. The ability to add holograms to bank notes is a new technology that the U.S. Government does not use. On each bank note, the main design elements are improved with the addition of a golden hologram foil.

Although the bank notes remain legal tender, these hologram editions can not be found in circulation. The $1 bill features the portrait of George Washington and is one world's best-known bank notes, and the $2 bill features Thomas Jefferson.