Famous Native Americans Buffalo Bison Colorized $2 Bill


Product Description

The following famous Native Americans on this historical $2 Bill, represent the hundreds of Native Americans who did everything they could to preserve the history and culture of their threatened people, and shape America and the world.

This Uncirculated $2 bill features 13 of the most famous Native Americans in United States History.

Never before has a single item been offered that features all of the Most Famous Native Americans in History. At center of the banknote is the American Buffalo Bison, which among Native American tribes, is considered a sacred animal and religious symbol.

Along with Sitting Bull, who is perhaps the most famous Native American Indian ever, this currency features Sacagawea, Tecumseh, Squanto, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Hiawatha, Pontiac, Sequoyah, Cochise, Black Hawk, Red Cloud and Pocahontas.