Confederate Currency 1864 Lucy Pickens $100 Note


Product Description

Rare Confederate Currency 1864 Lucy Pickens $100 Note

Lucy Pickins was a 19th-century American socialite of Tennessee and Texas, known during and after her lifetime as the "Queen of the Confederacy". She was also a First Lady of South Carolina. Described as "beautiful, brilliant, and captivating" by her male contemporaries, she helped shape the stereotype of the "Southern belle." Born into a planter's family, she moved with them to Marshall, Texas, the seat of Harrison County, at age 16.

Approximately 7 3/8" x 3 1/4" Nice condition, this bill is very affordable version due to the hole in it.

Image shows the note you will receive.

* Comes in 8" x 4" Hard Acrylic Display Holder