Black Eagle 1899 Silver Certificate Prototype on NEW $1 Bill - EAGLE & FLAG


Product Description

1899 Black Eagle One-Dollar Silver Certificate Prototype Design onto a NEW $1 U.S. Bill

American Heritage Series: AMERICAN BALD EAGLE WITH U.S. FLAG


The original series of the 1899 One Dollar Silver Certificates, called affectionately, The Black Eagle, are one of the last of the “large size” bills printed. The Black Eagle is considered one of the most attractive bills in the United States and is the only piece of United States currency ever Issued that displays the portraits of two different Presidents - Abraham Lincoln & Ulysses S. Grant.

These new uncirculated one-dollar bills, use a distinct process that overlays the “1899 Black Eagle” design onto an authentic new uncirculated banknote with famous Historic Americana Prototype images, never before seen on the original series.

The artists of the Merrick Mint have used an advanced technology over this modern uncirculated United States $1 bill, enhancing it with Historic Americana images using the design of the 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Black Eagle Banknote, to create this collectible work of art. Your bill is guaranteed authentic.