Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Man in Space Medals Commemorative 2 Coin Set


Product Description

Limited Edition! These are privately minted proof-like prototype replicas of the Apollo 11 Space-Flown Robbins Medallion Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Silver is Size 1.50" (39MM) Gold is Size 1.25" (32MM).

Now you can secure two of these fabulous Apollo 11 Robins Medal Restrikes in one collectible set! The original NASA space-flown Apollo Medallions were mission-specific commemorative medallions, often astronaut designed, which were approved by NASA and carried aboard the mission spacecraft by the astronauts into orbit. In 1968, the first commemorative medallions where manufactured beginning with Apollo 7. One (or more) of the astronauts from the flight crew worked on designing their mission medallions. The basic elements of the medallion design are consistent throughout the Project Apollo series. The main design element along with the mission name is located on the obverse. The names of the flight crew can be found on either the obverse or reverse. The mission dates are located on the reverse.

Beginning with Apollo 11, special fields were designed for the reverse of the medallion that allowed for engraved dates of launch, lunar landing and return. The medallions were stored in the Command Service Module during flight and on missions involving a lunar landing. A small number were brought to the lunar surface aboard the Lunar Module.