2022 Chinese New Year of the Tiger Polychromatic 8 Color Tigers $2 Bill Blue Folio


Product Description

POLYCHROMATIC COLORIZATION!!  This is a Special Release to celebrate the 2022 Chinese New Year, Year of the TIGER. This is an opportunity to acquire a true Collector’s Item…a GENUINE LEGAL TENDER UNITED STATES $2 Dollar Bill that is enhanced with a special Colorization process by The Merrick Mint. This bill is enhanced with 8 TIGERS in FULL COLOR to represent the 2022 Chinese Year of the TIGER.  Number 8 has long been regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture, which is the reason 8 Polychromatic Color TIGERS are used on the bill. The Number 8 represents prosperity, success, luck, good fortune, and wealth. 

Each $2 Bill is in FRESH, CRISP, UNCIRCULATED condition, and was directly removed from untouched wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs.  This New Year, give a gift of good fortune to family and friends with the famous Polychromatic Colorization 2022 Chinese New Year TIGER $2 U.S. Bill. 

SPECIAL NOTE: This year each bill features Double "88" in the serial number for authenticity.

Only authentic 2022 Chinese New Year of the TIGER Bills have Double "88".

Comes in Blue Folio.