2018 Year of the Dog Gold Hologram Colorized $1 Bill in Blue Folio


Product Description

Genuine Legal Tender $1 U.S. Currency


* 2018 Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog $1 Bill
featuring a unique Colorization & Gold Hologram Process *

 This product uses Exclusive Security Imaging in an alternating pattern, using a C-Thru Vision Hologram embedded in multiple locations, giving the 2018 Year of the Dog Currency its Official Genuine Distinction.

These pristine condition $1 bills are a spectacular currency collectible and a unique gift. Due to the painstaking Colorization and Gold Hologram process, only a limited number of these bills are currently available. This New Year, give a gift of good fortune to family and friends with the 2018 Year of the Dog Bill, which is enclosed in an attractive Red/Gold Envelope festively adorned with Chinese symbolism, capturing the significance of the New Year.  May the “Year of the Dog” bring you the ultimate luck.


  • Using specialized advanced technology, the Merrick Mint has enhanced the design of the $1 bill in full-color, creating a collectible work of art.
  • Each $1 bill is in Fresh, Crisp, Uncirculated condition and was directly removed from untouched wrapped sealed Bills.
  • Full Color Certificate of Authenticity included.
  • High-Definition Colorization Process.
  • True-Definition Gilded GOLD Leaf Process Featuring Golden Holographic Dogs.
  • Highest Quality Colorization and Hologram in the World, Accomplished Through a Revolutionary Technique.