1918 De Soto Discovering the Mississippi $500 FRN designed on Modern $2 Bill


Product Description

Hernando De Soto was a Spanish explorer and conquistador who was involved in expeditions in Nicaragua and the Yucatan Peninsula. He played an important role in Francisco Pizarro’s conquest of the Inca Empire in Peru, but is best known for leading the first European expedition deep into the territory of the modern-day United States (through Florida, Georgia, Alabama and most likely Arkansas). He is the first European documented as having crossed the Mississippi River.

Featuring this 1918 Series Federal Reserve Note designed on a Modern $2 Bill. The artists of the Merrick Mint have used an advanced technology over this modern uncirculated United States $2 bill, enhancing it with historical images from the series of 1918 De Soto Discovering the Mississippi Federal Reserve $500 Banknote, to create a collectible work of art.

Legal Tender Notes from the 1918 series are typically known as some of the most beautiful and greatest notes in American Currency History. These enhanced uncirculated two-dollar bills have become collectible works of art.

Your bills are guaranteed authentic. These modern $2 Bills are Genuine Legal Tender United States Currency.