1882 Series Gold Certificates on Real U.S. Genuine $2 Bills - Complete Set of 7


Product Description

Featuring the complete set of seven 1882 Series Gold Certificates designed on Modern $2 Bills. Original 1882 U.S. Gold Certificates, with their vivid gold and orange backs, were paper currency that could be redeemed for actual gold. These beautiful and rare certificates feature a series of eagles and complex border work.

The Series of 1882 was the first series that was payable to the bearer; it was transferable and anyone could redeem it for the equivalent in gold. The rarity and beauty of these notes have become legendary among collectors worldwide. These bills are very rare and the originals can only usually be found in auction, selling for thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Some only have a few pieces in existence, which are only in the Smithsonian Museum.

Now is your chance to collect them all on new Genuine Legal Tender $2 Bills. The artists of the Merrick Mint have used an advanced technology over these modern uncirculated United States Two-Dollar bills, enhancing them with the historical images from the 1882 Series of U.S. Gold Certificates, to create this collectible work of art. 

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